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LVT, Marble & Stone Cleaning Services in Greater Sarasota, FL

One of the fastest-growing floor surfaces being installed in North America is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). We have all seen it, synthetic vinyl surfaces manufactured to look like natural stone, marble, wood, or other exotic ceramic tiles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to LVT.

As these floor surfaces continue to gain popularity in the institutional market, facility managers struggle to develop the proper care and maintenance procedures to ensure their LVT floors look as good in year five as they did on day one.

Teasdale Fenton Sarasota has exactly what it takes to deliver the best cleaning services for LVT, marble & stone in Greater Sarasota, FL.

Daily Routine Maintenance for LVT Flooring

Daily Routine Maintenance for LVT Flooring

Regular maintenance is very similar for LVT when compared to traditional flooring. Dry sweep or dust mop the floors on a daily basis and then damp mop the floor with a mild neutral cleaner, such as daily cleaners with a pH of 7, or better yet, a neutral peroxide cleaner. Most peroxide cleaners are not only safe for the environment but can be used on a variety of hard surfaces and carpets.

There are even peroxide cleaners that disinfect while they clean. The last rule of thumb for regular maintenance is to clean spills as quickly as possible, not only to protect the flooring but also to reduce the potential for slip and fall accidents.

But never neglect the importance of cleaning your floor by a professional like Teasdale Fenton Sarasota on a regular basis to make sure your floor shines as new every day, years after years.

Why Choose Teasdale Fenton-Sarasota?

Teasdale Fenton-Sarasota offers professional cleaning and restoration services for homeowners and business owners in the Greater Sarasota, FL area. We are your premier carpet & floor cleaning company in Sarasota and Manatee counties, as well as other communities along Florida's Gulf Coast.

That includes removing pet stains, pet odors, and major spills. We also clean furniture, area carpets, air ducts, and much more. Our restoration crews are available 24/7/365 when you need help recovering from water damage, fire damage, mold, and more. Call us at 941-205-7677 in Ellenton, Nokomis, Parrish, Tallevast, and other Florida cities that we serve when you require cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services.