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Rug Cleaning Process in Sarasota, Florida

We recognize that your delicate fabrics are a costly investment that, unlike regular carpets and upholstery, may endure up to 150 years or longer with careful care and attention. That's why we only have our certified, trained specialists to treat your rugs in our one-of-a-kind facility. Our process combines new technology and powerful yet gentle cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, allergen-free, and safe for small children and pets.

In the Sarasota, Florida region, contact Teasdale Fenton Sarasota for the best cleaning services for all types of area rugs. Our high-quality services have made us popular among clients. This includes our tried-and-true rug cleaning method, which sets us apart from the competition in Sarasota and the other locations we service. Call 941-205-7677 or click here for an online contact to schedule an appointment if you reside in Venice, Myakka City, Parrish, Bradenton, and surrounding areas.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning Process

Here is our rug cleaning process in general:

  • Inspection- A professional from our company will come to your location to conduct a preliminary evaluation. We'll look at the sort of rug and the care it requires. Varying rugs require different levels of care.
  • Pick-Up- The rug will then be picked up by us, or you may leave it at our office.
  • Air Dusting- Before you begin the washing procedure, give it a good airing.
  • Pre-spray- To loosen the dirt, we pre-spray the entire carpeting. After that, cleaning will be much easier.
  • Clear Water Rug Cleaning- Colorfast testing will be done after the rug has been dusted. We'll need to check how much wetness the rug can withstand and if the color will hold up following the dying procedure. We'll clean fragile rugs with chemical-based cleaning solutions.
  • Wash and Rinse- After that, we'll wash the carpets with water and rinse them with our hands till they're dirt-free and clean. This process will be repeated until we are pleased.
  • Air Dry- We will air-dry your rugs fully once they have been cleaned. Depending on your rug, we may hang it or flat dry it for this stage.
    Rug Combing and Fluffing- After your rug has dried thoroughly, it will be combed, brushed, and fluffed to make it appear beautiful. When you walk on the rug, you will be pleasantly surprised by its softness.
  • Fringe Cleaning and Grooming- We will groom, trim, and hand comb the fringe of your rug as a finishing touch.
  • Vacuuming the Rug After Cleaning- As a last touch, we will clean the rug. We'll look for any loose strands and, if necessary, trim them.
  • Rug Fiber Protector, Insect Repellent, and Rug Pad (optional)- This step is optional. If you like, we may add insect repellant and stain protectors to preserve your carpet further. We may also offer you a non-skid rug pad. Rug pads hold carpets in place and reduce friction between the rug and the floor.
  • Delivery- Finally, after we are satisfied that your rug does not need to be cleaned and is in great shape, we will bring it to your location, carefully and adequately wrapped.
Rug Cleaning Process

Trust Our Rug Cleaning Process

We've been doing business in Florida for a long time, and our prior customers know how efficient we are. Even the most fragile rugs are safe for us to clean.

We are the top cleaning and rug restoration company with stain removal skills. Rug repair, pet urine removal, rug protection, and other services are also available. For rug cleaning, please contact us online or call us at 941-205-7677. For emergency assistance, we are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.