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Rug Cleaning & Repair Services in Bee Ridge

Rugs are decorative pieces of items to beautify our homes. Area rugs are typically heirlooms and need extra care in maintaining and cleaning. It is better to get your rugs washed by a reliable company like us. Because inexperienced or careless washing may ruin your beautiful and delicate rugs.

Why would you let your rug get spoiled when you can have it washed and repaired perfectly by us in Bee Ridge? Please don’t waste time in hesitation; put your trust in us. Pick up your phone and dial 941-205-7677. We will pick up your rug and deliver it right back to you free of cost!

When Does Your Rug Need Professional Cleaning and Repairing Work?

Every once in a while you should send your rug for cleaning to us. If there is any repair work your rug needs, we will do that as well.

Many times, we spill tea or drinks on our rugs and spoil them. Or, often our kids make our rugs dirty with food, colors etc. Sometimes we do not immediately clean, and thus our rugs get stained. Pets are another reason your rugs get torn or stained because of pet urine.

There could be many reasons for your rugs need cleaning and repairing. At Teasdale Sarasota, you may get the best rug service with care within your budget.

Rug Repairing Offers by Us

Fringe Repair

There are several rug repairing services you may avail from us. Here is a list of a few-

  • Fringe Repair- if the fringes of your rug need repairing, we will do that. We may replace the whole fringe part if required.
  • Serging and Binding- We will do serging and binding of the edge of your rug.
  • Patching and Reweaving- If your rug is torn or needs are weaving, we also provide this service.
  • Backing Repair- We will attach new rug backing for your rug.
  • Deep Cleaning- We will do a deep cleaning of your rug as a repairing process.
  • Brightening and Color-correcting- We will do brightening and color-correcting of your rug.

Let Us Clean and Repair Your Rug

Are you looking for a company that has experienced workers, factory trained and IICRC certified? Then we are the ones for you. Trust us with even your most delicate rugs, and we will return them to you in pre-loss condition. Our services also include duct cleaning, water removal, laminate cleaning and other services.

We are available 24/7, live just for you. Contact us for a free estimate online or call us at 941-205-7677.