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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in Greater Sarasota, FL

With a deeper clean than vacuuming alone and less disruption than hot water extraction, encapsulation carpet cleaning is a great way of carpet maintenance. Teasdale Fenton Sarasota provides its customers in the Greater Sarasota, FL service area with the most satisfactory encapsulation carpet cleaning services.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

What is Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

Encapsulation carpet cleaning involves encapsulating soils in a cleaning agent and then vacuuming the dried crystals away. With encapsulation, a solution is applied to the carpet via a number of methods: it might be applied using a rotary machine, CRB counter-rotating brush, a brush applicator, or a compression sprayer.

The method of application doesn’t really matter, though; what’s important is that the solution gets worked deep into the carpet. What happens then is the cleaning compound in the solution absorbs and crystallizes around the dirt in the carpet, before being vacuumed up afterward.

This method of cleaning is really popular for carpets that have a high volume of traffic. Because there’s no drying time or need for shampoos, the length of time that a carpet needs to be treated before cleaning has finished and can be used again within a very short time. In most cases, cleaning can be finished and the carpet can be back in use in less than an hour. There’s also the added benefit of reducing carpet degradation by wetting it less frequently.

Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Improved Carpet Appearance
  • Fast Dry Time

    When performing an encapsulation cleaning system, the carpet is not soaked with water as it is done with hot water extraction. The low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows the carpet to dry within about 20 minutes of cleaning.

  • No Wicking or Resoiling

    In addition to faster dry times, less water means no wicking or resoiling. Wicking occurs after carpet stains are treated with cleaners and water; as the water evaporates, soils remaining at the bottom of the carpet fibers travel up to the visible surface of the carpet and make the stain reappear. Encapsulation avoids this problem by not oversaturating the carpet fibers and trapping all the soil within the polymers that are then vacuumed away.

  • Improved Carpet Appearance

    Perhaps the most significant benefit of encapsulation cleaning is the improvement in carpet appearance and a longer life cycle for the carpets. Regularly removing embedded soils with encapsulation cleaning prevents the buildup of sticky residues that can attract more dirt and make your carpets look visibly soiled.

  • Inexpensive

    The cleaning method is also a relatively inexpensive one, as the equipment needed to clean is minimal, and the need for operator training is minimal; it’s the kind of solution that almost works by following instructions on the box, so to speak.

Why Choose Teasdale Fenton-Sarasota?

Teasdale Fenton-Sarasota offers professional cleaning and restoration services for homeowners and business owners in the Greater Sarasota, FL area. We are your premier carpet & floor cleaning company in Sarasota and Manatee counties, as well as other communities along Florida's Gulf Coast.

That includes removing pet stains, pet odors, and major spills. We also clean furniture, area carpets, air ducts, and much more. Our restoration crews are available 24/7/365 when you need help recovering from water damage, fire damage, mold, and more. Call us at 941-205-7677 in Sarasota Springs, South Sarasota, Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key, and other Florida cities that we serve when you require cleaning, restoration, and reconstruction services.