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Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protection in Sarasota, FL

Teasdale Fenton Sarasota has provided Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protector for more than a decade with best results and customer satisfaction. Scotchgard can be used on carpets, upholstery, and rugs to provide that extra layer of protection, or moisture shielding, that can be the difference between permanently stained furniture, or surfaces that resist spots, stains, and look their best.

Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protector is a Teflon application that is water-based. It provides excellent protection for carpets and fabrics until their next cleaning. For Scotchgard protection in Sarasota, Myakka City, Bradenton, Venice, and across our FL service area, call us today at 941-205-7677 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

Benefits of Scotchgard Carpet & Upholstery Protection in Bradenton

Accidents happen, but spills on expensive carpets or fragile fabrics can be disastrous. Scotchgard protection for carpets and upholstery, applied by the Teasdale Sarasota professionals, has its advantages:

room fireplace carpet and upholstery
  • Easy to clean: Dirt or spills won't easily penetrate the Scotchgard barrier. So, it’s easy to clean.
  • Affordable: To achieve the maximum return on your investment, apply Scotchgard at least once a year to keep your carpets, furniture, and curtains in the best possible condition for as long as feasible.
  • Stain protection: Scotchgard coats your carpets, upholstery, and soft furnishings in a protective coating. Not only will this protect your clothes from dust and filth, but it will also protect them against a variety of other harmful substances such as mold and germs, as well as water and oil-based stains.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Scotchgard helps your upholstery, drapes, and carpets last longer, especially in high-traffic areas of your home or business.

Trust Teasdale Sarasota For Scotchgard Protection in Venice, FL

Rely on Teasdale Sarasota for the most comprehensive Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protection in the Sarasota, FL, area. We also provide assistance for drapery cleaning, auto cleaning, boat & RV cleaningtrauma cleanup, and more. Call us today at 941-205-7677 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.