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Is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Affordable?

If you want to restore your upholstered furniture's once-new appearance, professional upholstery cleaning is affordable and effective. Costs vary, based on the size of the furniture, the type of upholstery fabric, and the presence of stains. Upholstered furniture will show signs of wear and tear over time, and cleaning can only do so much. But for upholstered furniture looking for new life, Teasdale Fenton Sarasota can restore it to a like-new condition.

Teasdale Sarasota provides affordable, superior upholstery cleaning in Bradenton, Ellenton, Parrish, Tallevast, and throughout our Greater Sarasota service area. Call  941-205-7677 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Teasdale Upholstery Cleaning in Dollars

For chairs, couches, sectionals, recliners, lounges, ottomans, love seats or other upholstered furniture, professional cleaning by Teasdale Sarasota can restore their former glory. Factors vary, but upholstery cleaning pricing is consistent with the following:

  • Recliner or armchair: $30 to $40
  • Love seat: $40 to $50
  • Small couch: $60 to $70
  • Full sofa: $100 to $200
specialized upholstery cleaning services

Why Teasdale For Upholstery Cleaning?

Having the upholstery on your cherished upholstered furniture cleaned by the Teasdale Fenton Sarasota professionals will help it last for many more years. You invested much in your furniture, and you should do everything possible to keep it in good condition to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Our experts can remove all types of stains and odors so you can enjoy and appreciate your upholstered furniture and keep it attractive for family and guests. For the most affordable upholstery cleaning, rely on Teasdale Sarasota.

Count on Teasdale Sarasota For Affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Venice, FL

Trust Teasdale Fenton Sarasota in Manasota Key, Venice and Cortez for the most effective, affordable upholstery cleaning and care. We also offer mattress cleaning, leather cleaning, furniture cleaning, cotton cleaning and more. Call 941-205-7677 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.